Who We Are

Established in 1990, Billboards on Wheels has been the leader in Outdoor Mobile advertising on Long Island and New York FOR OVER 25 YEARS. We specialize on Long Island but also offer services through out the Tri-State, New England, Chicago and Western part of the United States.

Our management team will assist in putting together the most cost effective advertising campaign for your company’s current needs.

The  reason outdoor mobile advertising works and why it is different than traditional advertising because unlike radio, TV, or print ads, they can’t change the station, fast forward us or throw us away.

Your ad is directly in their face on every street in every town you choose.

Spend your advertising dollars wisely with 8 straight hours of advertising your company instead of just a 30 second radio or television spot. 



With our “In your face” advertising approach, our clients have had huge success with their campaigns. Billboards on Wheels targets your market in the exact locations to bring you more business.



A target market is your exact audience.

Your target audience would be considered a 10 – 15 mile radius to your location.

Our trucks hit all those locations and more in the 8 hours allotted daily. We will also design optimized truck routes for your location ensuring you will get the most impact from your advertisement.