It’s true….85% of all your business is going to come from a 5-10 radius of your store.


BILLBOARDS ON WHEELS CAN TARGET MARKET DIRECTLY TO your customer.   We ZERO in on your market. Why WASTE your advertising dollar to hit areas that are not going to bring in business to your store.


Unlike traditional advertising They can’t turn us off…. everyone sees your ad.


Mobile advertising is more cost effective and has a lower Cost Per Thousand (CPM) impressions than network television, cable, magazine, radio or direct mail advertising.  This could save you thousands of dollars on your advertising budget.


We are a professional, insured owner operated.  Our well maintained mobile billboards and courteous drivers will work hard for you.


Billboards on Wheels will customize your outdoor mobile campaign based on your specific target market, your needs and work into your advertising budget.


We also will target and customize your truck routes to give your advertising message the most eye ball viewers.

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