How big is the sign / billboard?

The sign is 10×22 feet, made of heavy vinyl water proof material.
Does the ad have to be the same on both sides?

No. It can be two different ads on each side at same cost.
Can I rent it for only one day?

YES, The more days you rent the truck, the cheaper the cost.
Can I make changes to an existing billboard sign?

YES, depends on changes call office for a quote.
Do the trucks go out of state?

Yes (Jobs outside of Long Island are additional pricing)
How long does the truck go out daily?

Our trucks go out straight 8 hours.
Can I provide my own artwork?

YES, but we also have graphic designers on staff.
How long does it take for the signs to be made?

Usually 7-10 business days. They can be rushed 3-5 days.

*Quotes include: driver, fuel, insurance, installation of two signs with materials and free storage when sign is not in use.

Trucks WILL NOT go out with winds 25 MPH or more, Heavy Rain, Snow or Ice on roads.   Make up days will be given.  Safety always comes first.

For All Other Question Please Call: 631-580-7772