Mike Cutino
President and CEO

At a young age Mike ventured successfully into publishing & creating Nightlife and New York Sports Scene Magazines. In an effort to help expose his advertising clients to a broader market, he started Billboards on Wheels.

After much research, he discovered that Outdoor Mobile Advertising zeros in on the targeted market exposing clients to new customers the non-traditional way, using fewer dollars than cable, radio or print ads. The potential new customer cannot change the station, fast forward the commercials or throw away the ad with this new in “In your face “approach.

Billboards on Wheels have grown into a local and now a national empire helping its customers strengthen their brands and grow their own markets.

John Culbert
General Manager

John’s experience in sales, marketing and customer service spans over 25 years. Along with the owner, he handles all operations. He is in charge of all sales and marketing efforts. John oversees all new accounts as well as maintains relationships with existing clients.

Sales Manager

Britnie is the newest member of our team. With 5 years of marketing and legal experience under her belt she is a great asset to our company. Britnie aides in the everyday running of the business doing everything from mapping routes to coordinating drivers from our command center.

Mike Hebert
Senior Installation Technician

Mike has been affiliated with Billboards on Wheels for many years. He is our road captain and most experienced driver. He is a meticulous individual and our chief sign installation technician. Mike is very active in charitable works. He also loves music.

Fran Petito
Business Consultant

Fran Petito is part of our Billboard on Wheels team as a Marketing & Business Consultant and has over 40 years’ experience in the media and publishing industries. Petito has had a vast career, including Publisher, Corporate President, Fashion & Beauty Editor, Celebrity Interviewer, Writer & Photographer, Marketing & Advertising Expert, Personal Safety Advocate and Mentor. Petito serves as President of the New York Sportscene Children’s Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) not for profit to benefit and improve the lives of children, Veterans, the homeless, those in need and to help those live happier and healthier lives.

Petito also serves as the Executive Vice President for YES WE CARE, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit charity designed to help improve the quality of life for Veterans and the underprivileged. Hands on work is done at hospitals, shelters, food banks and live events and concerts, and homeless ‘Helping Hands” gift bags of clothing, personal hygiene and food donations.

Her career has included: Editor-in-Chief and President of Nightlife Magazines; SVP NY Sportscene Magazine; Editor-in-Chief of DASH Magazine; Publishing Director and Fashion and Beauty Editor of Radio City Entertainment Headliner Magazine. Additionally, Petito was Director of Mail Services & Media Buyer for Austin & Williams Advertising.

Petito has served on many charity boards and is a successful team builder and spirited fundraiser. She has also worked closely with and helped raise funds for the fight against breast cancer, children’s cancer, domestic violence, women’s rights, Veterans, homeless and families in need. Petito has been recognized many times for her achievements and successes. Among the awards she has won include NYS Woman of Distinction and Woman of the Year for the National Federation of Business and Professional Women. She has been recognized by President George Bush and Governor George Pataki, as well as many arms of the government. She is enlisted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York “Book of Lives and Legacies”.

Additionally, Petito is a mentor and shares her experience with today’s youth with the theme that they can be anything they dream to be, so she encourages them to ‘Dream Big!’