Our Customer Feedback

"The major reason why we recommend using Billboard On Wheels (BOW) for our client’s outdoor advertising is they are one of the most trusted names in the industry. 
BOW’s outdoor advertising campaigns, remain one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and gain impressions among your target audience.
When clients need a constant reminder of getting their message seen throughout the year (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) we recommend BOW. Their signs grab your attention using attractive copy and graphics which sustains name and image awareness—can’t be turned-off, tuned-out or put aside. BOW’s imaginative designs capture and maintain a reader's attention. Also, the mobile images of BOW serve as a directional guide for potential customers.
When you want help in developing your own outdoor advertising strategy, Mike Cutino, President of BOW can help guide you along the way. BOW's marketing team has a great deal of experience in this field, and they are happy to share their expertise to help you learn and understand the market. For over 20 years, we’ve been referring all our outdoor advertising business to BOW, because they earned our trust! If you are smart, you’ll do the same!” —Andrew S. Linick, The Marketing Copyologist®/Chairman: The Linick Marketing Group, Inc. Internet marketing pioneers since 1994. www.AndrewLinickDirectMarketing.com
Andrew S. Linick – The Marketing Copyologist®/Chairman
The Linick Marketing Group, Inc. Internet marketing pioneers since 1994
As the Head of Finance for Long Island Law Enforcement I would highly recommended using Billboards on Wheels for your outdoor advertising needs. For the last 6 consecutive years they have headed our election campaigns and out of 36 running candidates , 36 have won in their districts! We have had great success and are very satisfied with the results.
Joe Link
Long Island Law Enforcement
When I chose to use Billboards on Wheels for my election campaingn I didn’t expect to reach as many of my voters as we did with outdoor advertising. My great idea paid off as the end results of the election reflected my WIN!
Michael Hollander
Hollander for Town Supervisor
We have been using Billboards on Wheels Since 1993 for our outdoor advertising needs. This approach to advertising has been a huge help to us in selling our cars.
Dan Toomey
Atlantic Hyundia
We were a  brand new start-up business in Nassau County looking for a creative, innovative advertising medium to put our advertising dollars towards to generating maximum exposure and impact.  The BILLBOARDS ON WHEELS advertising program is in one phrase – “Simply Sensational”! The gigantic moving billboards are so attention getting! You can actually control who is seeing your advertising message, where and how many hours in the day you want the billboard to travel. We are extremely satisfied with the results of this advertising program and recommend anyone looking to get the most bang for your buck, to sign up and take advantage today!
Claudine Orlian
European Wax Center, Levittown
Mobile Billboards have really worked for our clients the Coral House, Sands, Maliblue and Hudson on the Mile.  They are an affordable alternative way to get the word out.
Chris Kenny
Ed Moore Advertising