It’s true….85% of all your business comes from a 5-10 Mile radius of your store.

Billboards On Wheels can target market directly to your customer. We zero in on your market. Why waste your advertising dollars to cover areas that will not bring in business to your store?

Unlike traditional marketing & advertising consumers can’t turn us off and all eyes are on your message. Mobile advertising is more cost effective and has a lower Cost Per Thousand (CPT) impressions than network television, cable, magazine, radio or direct mail advertising.  This could save you thousands of dollars on your advertising budget and stretch your marketing reach significantly further.

We are a professional, insured, owner operated marketing & advertising company. Our meticuloiusly maintained mobile billboards and courteous drivers will work hard for you. We take pride in our customer’s and will go to great lengths to accommodate your specific needs! Billboards on Wheels will customize your outdoor mobile campaign based on your specific target consumer market and advertising budget.

Working with us you certainly won’t be disappointed! All of our campaigns provide an increase in revenue for our clients up to 70%! That’s an opportunity most business owners won’t want to pass up. Make the smart choice and call Billboards On Wheel mobile advertising!!